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All inclusive Zante Holidays / Zakynthos Holidays at Louis Hotels

Zante holidays are the ideal when spending your summer in Greece. Zakynthos Island or Zante is an extraordi-nary island in Greece. It is the 3rd largest island of the Ionian Islands and is known from ancient times through Homer and his masterpieces: Iliad and Odyssey. Zante is also known as the place where the Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs at the beginning of June at Laganas Bay. You can not have Zakynthos holidays without visiting the famous Navagio beach with its crystal-clear waters or taking a small boat to sea the “Blue caves”. Zante holidays are also ideal if you are a fan of SCUBA diving.

Unforgettable Zante Holidays with Louis Hotels

Louis Hotels offers the best choice for Zakynthos Holidays. Louis Hotels currently operates 2 well situated hotels in Zante: Louis Zante Beach and Louis Plagos Beach. The management and staff of our hotels, invite you to spend unforgettable all inclusive Zante holidays at Zakynthos Island, Greece. Louis Zante Beach is situated on the best beach of the island and with its recent upgrades is maintaining its position as the best choice for Zakynthos holidays. Louis Plagos Beach is situated directly on the famous Amboula beach. The high level of repeaters coming back year after year to this hotel is a guarantee of memorable Zante holidays.

Natural beauty

The blue Ionian Sea surrounds this island of inspiring scenery. Groves of olives and oranges dot the landscape, while dramatic cliffs drop into bays and secluded coves where snorkelling is a must.

The natural beauty of the Zakynthos coastline and highlands is stunning. Travelling from the north, you can cool off in pine forests and stop for traditional coffee in the mountain villages. In the central plain, orchards tempt you with local produce before you reach the sandy beaches and rocky outcrops of the southeast coast, where ‘aquarium’ fish play in blue waters. For a visit to the historic 13th century monastery of Strofadia, a boat will take you to the two desert islands.

Must see stuff in Zakynthos

There are abundant monuments, churches and museums to see in Zante. These include the church of Ayios Dionysos, where the Saints tabernacle is kept and the Monastery of Panayia Spiriotissa, which is known for its interesting architecture and design. Museums found on the island include the Zakynthos Byzantine Museum and the Vertzagio Agricultural Museum, where cultural and historical artifacts can be found to demonstrate the traditional Greek village life. Zakynthos town is also a nice place to visit as the Venetian Castle stands tall against the neighboring Bohali, a quaint part of the town with charming little lanes and authentic coffee shops. And of course, the one spot you must definitely not miss is the Navagio, the most beautiful cove occupied with a wrecked ship lying across the beach. Another marvel of the island is the Garden of Orchids, filled which more than 40 different species of Orchids, all found on the island.

Forty four picturesque and traditional villages scatter the island. These include the charming mountain villages, such as Loucha and Gyri, where interesting old mansions, which had survived the 1953 earthquakes, can be found. Additionally, it is fascinating to explore the delightful fishing villages around the coastline, filled with quaint little harbors and traditional coffee shops.

Things to do in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a very fertile land famed for its agricultural goods. The local food is characteristic of the Ionaian region, with specialities including olives, wines and a dish made of stuffed chicken and aubergines in garlic sauce called skordostoumbi melitzana. Additionally, the island is also rich in sea food and cheeses with the local cheese speciality called myzithra. For people with a sweet tooth, nougat and pasteli(sesame seeds caramelised with honey) are two of the sweet delicacies that can be tasted on the island.

Archaeological sites and monuments in Zakynthos

Entertainment in Zakynthos

Zakynthos nightlife is focused in the several beach resorts around the island including Argasi, Laganas, Alykes and Tsilivis. Here, one can spend the whole night dancing in the large range of clubs and bars. There are also a vast selection of cafes and restaurants in these towns as well as in the capital, Zakynthos town. Cultural events and concerts are also constantly organized throughout the summer months helping the visitors get a taste of the islands culture and traditions.

Beaches in Zakynthos

Zakynthos Beaches are famous for their unspoilt beauty and crystal clear waters. The most famous beach is the shipwreck bay Navagio Bay. Other popular beaches include Vassilikos, Agios Nikolaos and Tsilivi. Most beaches are lively and lined with sports facilities, restaurants and cafes but others, such as Laganas are protected areas for the Caretta-Caretta Turtle as they hatch their eggs there every season.

The map of Zakynthos

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