Breakfast (07h00-10h15)

Extensive buffet with indoor and outdoor terrace seating. A variety of cheeses and cured meats, egg and omelette options, freshy baked breads, hot food, fresh fruit, and a show cooking station. Healthy options and traditional local delicacies also available.

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Louis Late Breakfast (10h00-12h00)

If you feel like sleeping in, you don’t need to worry about missing breakfast. We offer a mini version of our breakfast served daily at the beach restaurant.

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Lunchbox (12h00-18h00)

For excursions and days out, we offer a convenient lunchbox service that includes sandwiches, fruit, dessert, water, and juice. 24 hours’ notice required.

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Lunch (12h30-15h00)

Buffet with locally sourced ingredients, including fresh salads, grilled meats and fish, popular side dishes, local dishes, pizzas, kebabs and tasty desserts and fresh fruit.

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Louis Quick Bites (10h00-12h00 & 15h00-18h00)

Looking for a quick and easy option by the pool? Try our delicious burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, wraps, waffles, donuts and more.

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Dinner (18h30-21h30)

Daily themed buffet with a different cuisine five nights a week, including Greek, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern and more.

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Santelino Yummy Corner (18h30-21h30)

Our youngest guests can enjoy a special corner just for them next to the main dinner buffet, serving kid favourites such as meatballs and nuggets, as well as fresh vegetables.

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Louis Late Bites (22h00-24h00)

For those looking for a late night snack, we offer a selection of fresh pastries, pies, and local sweet treats.

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Alcoholic drinks (10h00-24h00)

We offer a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including draught beer, spirits, wine, liqueurs, cocktails, soft drinks, juices and purified water. We also offer a variety of hot drinks, including tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

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Non-alcoholic drinks (10h00-24h00)

Non alcoholic beverages including soft drinks, juices and purified water (not bottled).

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Hot beverages (07h00-24h00)

Hot beverages include coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate, espresso etc.

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Where to find our All Inclusive delicacies

  • Breakfast is served at Dionysos Restaurant.
  • Louis Late Breakfast is served by the beach bar restaurant.
  • Lunch is served at Dionysos and Poseidon Beach Bar Restaurant.
  • Louis Quick Bites is served by the Poseidon Restaurant.
  • Dinner is served at Dionysos Restaurant.
  • Louis Late Bites are served at Vachus Main Bar.
  • Daytime drinks are served mainly by the pool.
  • Evening drinks are served at Vachus Main Bar and at Ionian Pool Bar.
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